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About Reishi Mushroom

The reishi mushroom, also known as ‘lingzhi mushroom’ (translating as supernatural mushroom) is a categorical term for many mushrooms within the Ganoderma genus. The term lingzhi is usually used to refer to Ganoderma Lucidum and Ganoderma Tsugae. G. Lucidum, which are used as a natural medication in East Asia and now across the globe.

Its use in medicine dates back to over 2,000 years ago, which puts it as one of the oldest mushrooms to ever have been used medicinally.

As with many ancient medicines, there is some scientific research to back up the traditional usage of reishi . Since the beginning of human civilisation, ethnobotanicals such as herbs and mushrooms have been valued for both culinary and medicinal properties (Wasser & Weis, 1999;
Mahady, 2001). The base assumption in herbal medicineis that plants contain natural substances that can promote health and alleviate illness.

Reishi mushroom products help many people to boost their health.  There are many health benefits associated with reishi , and no known side effects, which makes it a highly popular alternative remedy. Reishi contains ganoderic acids which are similar in composition to steroid hormones. They also contain polysaccharides such as beta-glucan and coumarin as well as alkaloids.

About Us

We believe Reshi / Lingzhi has long been reputed to extend the life span, and to increase youthful vigor and vitality.

The specific reported attributes of Lingzhi include lowering the risk of cancer, heart disease and infection; these health-promoting effects are believed to be mediated via the antioxidant, hypertensive, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties of the mushroom.

It has been years since we distribute Reishi Mushroom products globally, we ship to you once you completed the order on this website.

Contact us if you have any question concerning the order.  Thank you for your support and we hope your consistent consumption of Reishi products will help you to live your life at the fullest.

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