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Lingzhi – Blood pressure – Allergy

High blood pressure or hypertension is defined in an adult as blood pressure greater than 140 mm Hg systolic pressure or greater than 90 mm Hg diastolic pressure. It can be dangerous. There are usually no warning signs in the early stages. Although you may not feel anything, untreated high blood pressure gradually damages your body organs. It can also cause heart failure. Medications reduce blood pressure quickly and keep it down. However it doesn’t cure the disease. If you haven’t improved your diet and lifestyle, [...]


Lingzhi mushroom spores

Compared with their fruiting body, Lingzhi spores are richer in nutrients and therapeutic properties. The spores of the Lingzhi mushroom are more potent than its body- However, harvesting the spores is a delicate process as they are released only for 10 days when the mushroom ripens. Producing generate from mushroom spores The biology is a bit complex, and also I won’t enter into it below, but spores can be utilized to begin brand-new mushroom colonies a little bit like seeds are utilized [...]