Ginger Benefits Your Skin Eat Ginger

Ginger Benefits Your Skin Eat Ginger

Is Ginger a diuretic?
Ginger is a natural diuretic you can prepare it and drink as tea, Ginger is good for constipation.  There are many recipes that chefs use in cooking, some recipes use ginger as dressing.  Ginger can also help to improve urinary difficulties.
What does ginger tea do for your body?
Drinking a cup of ginger tea before you travel which can help prevent the nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. You can also drink a cup of warm ginger water at the first sign of nausea to relieve the symptom, it really helps to make you feel good.  Ginger Tea is useful to improve digestion and increasing absorption of food.
Ginger tea can prevent bloating after consuming too much oily food.
What does ginger root do to your body?
Ginger root, called Zingiber officinale, is well known as a remedy for travel sickness, nausea and indigestion loss of appetite, chills, cold, flu, poor circulation, menstrual cramps, and is used for wind, colic, irritable bowel, dyspepsia (flatulence, heartburn), indigestion and gastrointestinal problems.
Is Ginger good for you when you have a cold?
The anti-inflammatory gingerols and shaogals in ginger root will help to relieve a sore throat quickly, and they also kill rhinoviruses, which cause colds in the first place.
Drink three or more cups daily until you are well.
How to eat ginger?
Eating raw ginger in foods or adding some fresh Ginger in your tea generally doesn’t cause any known side effects or problems so far. As a medicine the quantity of ginger used will vary as Ginger has proved to benefit us.  In order to treat nausea or gas, adults can chew a one quarter ounce piece of fresh Ginger.   People in the Western countries drink literally gallons of hot ginger tea in the fall and winter.
The simple recipe is – cutting up a hunk of fresh ginger, you don’t really need to peel, and pour a lot of boiling water over it; Adding a little honey, squeeze quarter lemon, and it’s the perfect winter tonic to keep you and your family staying healthy.

Ginger May Improve Brain Function and Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

The Active Ingredient in Ginger Can Help Fight Infections

Ginger extract has been studied as an alternative treatment for several forms of cancer.

In a 45-day study of 85 individuals with high cholesterol, 3 grams of ginger powder caused significant reductions in most cholesterol markers

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